Mnangagwa Loses 2023 ELECTIONSPresident Emmerson Mnangagwa x Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa [image: New Zimbabwe]

If Mnangagwa Loses 2023 ELECTIONS Cut Off My Head, Prophet Says

A South African-based televangelist, Jay Israel has predicted that Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa will win the upcoming harmonized elections by a landslide.

While this prediction is not new, with Fitch Solutions also forecasting Mnangagwa’s resounding victory, Israel warned that the opposition would be incited to create chaos and disorder in the country. He prophesied that there would be disharmony in the opposition camp that would lead to factions before the election, as some members would join the ruling Zanu-PF party, citing disorganization within the opposition.

Mnangagwa Loses 2023 ELECTIONS
President Emmerson Mnangagwa x Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa [image: New Zimbabwe]
The 30-year-old Bulawayo-born preacher claimed that God had blessed Mnangagwa with another term in office, and any prophet who predicted an opposition win would be dismissed as a liar. Israel emphasized his prophecy, stating that if Mnangagwa failed to win the election, he would have his head cut off.

I have a message to the nation of Zimbabwe. I have received a prophecy about the upcoming election. The message is clear, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is going to win the next elections resoundingly. And let me hasten to say any prophet who is going to prophecy today that the opposition will win the elections, that person should be dismissed as a liar. God has already blessed President Mnangagwa with another term in office. I have also been shown that as we head towards elections there will be serious friction within the opposition led by Nelson Chamisa. Disagreements over a number of issues will arise which will lead to a near split. Due to the internal friction some opposition members will join the ruling party before and after elections,” he told Sunday News

In addition to his political predictions, Israel announced that he plans to bring a “revolution” to Zimbabwe, especially Bulawayo, his hometown. He intends to revive the Bulawayo music industry by establishing Jay Israel Records, which would cater to all Bulawayo musicians, signing and recording them for free.

Israel’s background includes dropping out of school due to financial difficulties when he was in Form Two at Pumula High School in Bulawayo. Later, at the age of 18, he moved to Harare, where he established his own church, Palace of Glory, becoming the youngest church leader in the country. In 2014, he relocated to South Africa and began leading the Spirit Life Church.

By Mandisa