Woman Dies From Mysterious Runyoka Spell After Ex-Lover "Fixed" Her For Breaking His HeartGogo Maunda [Image Credit: Manica Post]

Woman Succumbs to Mysterious Runyoka Spell

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a Chigodora elderly woman, affectionately known as Gogo Maundu, tragically passed away before her ex-lover could undo the alleged sex lock spell (runyoka) that was reportedly cast upon her. This haunting tale of love gone wrong has left the community in shock and disbelief.

Pleas for Help Fall on Deaf Ears

The Manica Post reports that last week, Gogo Maundu courageously appeared before Headman Chigodora’s court, desperately seeking assistance to reverse the curse that had rendered her bedridden and wheelchair-boulnd for an entire year. She accused Edmund Maziwei, her former flame, of orchestrating the runyoka spell as retribution for terminating their relationship.

Denial and Tragic Consequences

Headman Chigodora confirmed the unfortunate passing of Gogo Maundu, shedding light on the conflicting testimonies presented before the court. While Maziwei vehemently denied any involvement in their relationship or casting the spell, Gogo Maundu persisted in her claims, insisting that only he possessed the remedy to her debilitating condition.

During her emotional testimony, Gogo Maundu revealed the turbulent nature of their affair. She confessed to dating the married Maziwei for a year, but eventually realized their relationship was doomed. Faced with her decision to end it, she unwittingly invited the wrath of a vengeful ex-lover.


Woman Dies From Mysterious Runyoka Spell After Ex-Lover "Fixed" Her For Breaking His Heart
Gogo Maunda [Image Credit: Manica Post]

Desperate Measures and Unanswered Pleas

Gogo Maundu’s health began deteriorating soon after their breakup, leading her on a desperate quest for a cure. Countless visits to hospitals and X-rays failed to provide answers, leaving her and her loved ones perplexed. Seeking solace in traditional healers and prophets, she was stunned to learn that Maziwei was believed to be behind her mysterious ailment.

According to local spiritual healers, the only chance of salvation lay in Maziwei’s hands. They revealed that Gogo Maundu could only be healed if her ex-lover immersed his belt in water and offered it to her for consumption.

A Desperate Plea Unanswered

Despite her fervent attempts to engage Maziwei through emissaries, Gogo Maundu’s pleas for help went unanswered. Frustrated and tormented, she expressed her anguish, acknowledging the wrongfulness of her affair but deeming her punishment unbearable.

The tragedy of Gogo Maundu’s untimely demise serves as a chilling reminder of the complexities and consequences that can arise when love takes a dark turn. The community mourns her loss while grappling with the mysteries surrounding runyoka and its potentially devastating effects on broken hearts.