Alick Macheso [Image: Twitter/@bayhaus]


FOR THE LOVE OF MACHESO: Man Faces Trial for Vicious Assault on Pregnant Wife in Pursuit of Money for Unforgettable Show

A shocking incident unfolded as a man relentlessly attacked his pregnant wife, leaving her unconscious, all because she refused to provide him with money to attend a highly anticipated Alick Macheso music extravaganza. Trymore Madzungaire (39) appeared before regional magistrate Vivian Ndlovu, where he pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempted murder. The trial has been adjourned until 5th June for judgment.

Confrontation at the Doorstep

The Manica Post reports that the accused, acting as his own defense, painted a different picture of events leading up to the assault. According to Madzungaire, when he arrived home around 8 pm, he discovered the main door locked. Despite repeatedly knocking, his wife, Portia Mapfunga (37), steadfastly refused to open it. Frustrated, he resorted to banging on the door until she relented. Once inside, a heated argument ensued, which quickly escalated into a physical altercation.

A Violent Clash of Emotions

Madzungaire claimed his wife reached for a screwdriver and plunged it into his arm, causing him to retaliate. In his defense, he alleged that she had a history of physically attacking him during their heated arguments. However, witnesses paint a different story, one filled with terror and cruelty.

The Pot of Sadza and Unrelenting Assault

On the fateful day of 31st March, around 8 pm, a seething Madzungaire returned home after his failed demand for concert funds. Finding his wife in the midst of cooking sadza, he reportedly locked her inside their dwelling and extinguished the lights. Without warning, he unleashed his anger, hurling insults and physically attacking her. Witnesses claim he struck her with a pot filled with sadza, brutally targeting her head and stomach. The relentless assault continued as he repeatedly punched her.

Escape and Rescue

In the midst of the brutal onslaught, Mapfunga managed to escape through a window, crying out for help. Her desperate pleas caught the attention of a neighbor who rushed to her aid. Swift action was taken, with the incident promptly reported to the authorities, leading to the arrest of the assailant.

The trial continues, and the fate of Trymore Madzungaire rests in the hands of justice. The harrowing ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the dangerous consequences that can arise from uncontrolled emotions and violent outbursts within intimate relationships.