Female Patient Saved While Attempting To Take Her Life At A HospitalFemale Patient Saved While Attempting To Take Her Life At A Hospital [cred; H-metro]

Watch | Female Patient Saved While Attempting To Take Her Life At A Hospital

A Parireranyatwa patient was yesterday rescued while attempting to commit suicide at the facility.

The woman, whose identity could not be ascertained, was seen towering from a second-floor window in a video circulating on social media.

Fortunately, she was spotted before she could jump, and a ladder was put up to get her to safety.

The particular reason for her actions is unknown.

Watch the video here;

This comes a couple of days after a Harare man cheated death after jumping from the eighth floor of the Tanganyika building in an attempt to take his life as well.

In videos that were in rotation, the man was seen taking off his clothes before the frantic jump. However, the jump was not fatal as he landed on the roof of an old garage. He only suffered a broken jaw and arm.

Reports said the man had been complaining about people trying to kill him with fire.

Check out some reactions to the latest suicide attempt.

Zimbabweans,let’s try to help some people vanenge vari kuzvipatara uko,even if usina hama hako iri kurwara,ngatiwaneiwo nguva yekuenda kunoona vasina hama,I tell you ukaenda kuchipatara unozvinzwisisa zvandiri kutaura pano,munhu anenge aremerwa hamawee


The devil is at work… let us be sober and vigilant for he is trying to devour whomever he can…

@Mandy Chazika Zvabva;

Our country needs healing most le are suffering from depression and anxiety.

@David Gono;

I now believe kuty 70% of people living in zim are suffering from Anxiety And Depression..the entire country needs some counselling

@Trust Majoni;

Hmmmmm this is sad hey…anenge aremerwa neupenyu it’s tough 

Lets pray for this spirit of suicide to get out of our country I see a public figure committing suicide this year lets pray alot of evil alters are being built pulling lots of innocent lives to their blood pools


By Mandisa