Holy Ten Warns Winky D That He Is Only Getting StartedHoly Ten (Image Credit: Greedysouth/holytenmusic)

Holy Ten Warns Winky D That He Is Only Getting Started

Embattled rapper Holy Ten has warned Winky D that he is only getting started as far as disrespecting him is concerned.

Ten made the remarks in a tweet where he also called Winky D his stepson;

“Well done. But get this, Winky I called him my father, knowing he’s my stepson, that’s more than honour. Then he decides to test me ☹️
Watchoooooo (Nigerian accent).” 

However, what makes the whole tiff a bit weird is the fact that Ten continues to attack Winkly D who has not uttered a word back at him. Instead, it is Winky D’s fans who are manning his front and have since created the #unfollowholyten movement, which has seen the rapper lose over 10 000 followers on Instagram.

Just yesterday, he was up in arms with Winky D’s fans pondering why they treat him like a god.

Wangu You people never defended even Jesus’ name like this. Now I’m going to prove to you that Wallace (Winky D) isn’t God,” 

The bad blood between the two emerged after their collaboration on Ibotso where Holy Ten claimed he was tricked into a political song when they had initially set out for a different theme.

Expressing his feelings about the collaboration, Ten said;

The man you are talking about (Winky D) is a snake longer than his dreadlocks. But even the serpent did not force the apple, which became a global disaster, into Eve’s mouth.  

The serpent spoke and Eve made a decision. So in this case, I’m Eve.

I would have never done a song with Winky Gee, that’s me avoiding to be sued. I’m not stupid, I have done law and we signed contracts. 

Meanwhile, from 290 000 Instagram followership he had last week, Holy ten has dropped down to 276 000.




By Mandisa