Viral Prophet Delivers Verdict On Holy Ten-Kimberly MarriageViral Prophet Delivers Verdict On Holy Ten-Kimberly Marriage

Viral Prophet Delivers Verdict On Holy Ten-Kimberly Marriage

South Africa-based Zimbabwean Prophet Mellontik Orasi who has been making headlines for his accurate prophecies, including the death of a prominent South African celebrity, AKA, has shared his two cents on the ongoing Holy Ten drama.

Orasi’s Comments On Holy Ten-Kimberly Marriage

Speaking on Holy Ten’s marriage, Prophet Mellontik Orasi said that it is doomed to fail. He advised people to mind their own business and to pray for their own lives instead.

 “Even as this marriage yaholy Ten asiri holy won’t last but zvineyi nemi namatirai upenyu hwenyu.” (Loose Translation: “Even though Holy Ten ( who is not holy)’s marriage is doomed not to last, mind your own business and pray for your own life.”)

Drama Surrounding Holy Ten-Kimberly Marriage

The rapper has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, following a number of sensational revelations since he paid lobola for Kimberly.

One of the most significant issues surrounding Holy Ten and Kimberly Richards’ relationship is the love triangle involving Holy Ten, Kimberly, and Holy Ten’s rival Voltz JT. Speculation was fueled by a video leaked by controversial socialite Tatelicious, which showed Voltz kissing Kimberly.

Holy Ten-Kimberly Marriage
Holy Ten’s wife, Kimberly with Voltz JT

There have also been allegations of Holy Ten being a deadbeat father to his alleged child with one Chelsea Tariro.

Previous Prophesies On Holy Ten

Aside from his current marital and relationship woes, Prophet Mellontik Orasi previously prophesied that Holy Ten’s life is in peril, warning that he could die soon.

Just over a week ago, the Prophet said,

“Instead of making frantic posts about Winky Dee, the one wanted heavily by the soil is mujaya (Holy Ten’s nickname). Dhibhu ravapadhuze kudambuka.”

By Mandisa