When Words Turn Deadly: Foolish Man's Flirtatious Remark About Best Friend Wife Leads to His Death56-year-old Security Guard Shoots Himself Over Cheating Wife [file photo]

56-year-old Security Guard Shoots Himself Over Cheating Wife

A 56-year-old security guard, Johane Chiweshe, who allegedly shot himself with his service rifle in Checheche has left many in shock. The incident, which occurred on March 7th, 2023, has been linked to Chiweshe’s discovery of his wife’s infidelity. His workmate, Munyaradzi Gorivoto, heard a gunshot around midnight and called out Chiweshe who did not respond.

He then alerted their superior, Enock Musasike, and rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, Chiweshe was already dead, and his body was found lying face-up with blood oozing from his head. A report was made to the police, who attended the scene and observed a gunshot wound on Chiweshe’s head. The 303 riffle was also discovered near Chiweshe’s hand, with a magazine containing seven rounds.

56-year-old Security Guard Shoots Himself Over Cheating Wife
56-year-old Security Guard Shoots Himself Over Cheating Wife [file photo]

Several Other Suicide Attempts Prior

The police reported that Chiweshe had made several suicide attempts before the tragic incident. A neighbour, who spoke to The Manica Post, revealed that Chiweshe had accused his wife of infidelity several times, and their relationship was an on-and-off affair. He added that Chiweshe’s church members would intervene whenever the couple had a misunderstanding and would reconcile.

However, Chiweshe always told church members that his wife had not reformed from her old habits and, because of this, he would end his life. It is unclear why Chiweshe was given a gun at work, considering his suicidal tendencies.

Police Statement

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Manicaland Province, Inspector Nobert Muzondo, confirmed the incident and stated that the police are investigating the matter. Chiweshe was laid to rest in Dambamuromo Village on March 11th, 2023.

The tragedy has left many questioning the impact of infidelity on people’s mental health and the importance of mental health support systems in the workplace.

By Mandisa