Victoria Falls Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Girlfriend Using a Shoelace[Image Credit: Wiki]

Victoria Falls Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Girlfriend Using a Shoelace

A 28-year-old man from Victoria Falls has been arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend using a shoelace after an argument.

Bothwell Nkomo was brought before the court to answer the murder charges he is currently facing.

Unreported Crime and Shocking Discovery

According to the prosecution, the incident unfolded on March 18, when an argument erupted between Nkomo and his girlfriend Amanda Dube. It is alleged that Nkomo, in a fit of rage, strangled his girlfriend using a shoelace, silencing her forever.

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Dead Body Concealed as Witness Stumbles Upon Grisly Scene

Rather than reporting the crime to the police upon realizing that his girlfriend was deceased, Nkomo callously concealed Amanda’s body in his room. However, a concerned witness who was searching for Amanda stumbled upon the ghastly scene at Nkomo’s place. Horrified by the putrid odor, the witness promptly alerted the police, resulting in Nkomo’s swift arrest. Sadly, by that time, Dube’s body had already begun to decompose.

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Legal Proceedings and Remand in Custody

The court wasted no time in addressing this heinous crime. Nkomo was promptly remanded in custody until April 4, awaiting further legal proceedings.

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In a separate incident, a 31-year-old man from Karoi has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting a Grade 7 student. The man manipulatively coerced the young girl with the offer of US$1 into engaging in inappropriate acts.

Mother’s Suspicions Confirmed as Daughter’s Pregnancy Unveiled

The situation came to light when the girl’s mother grew suspicious of her daughter’s rapidly changing health condition. She then sought medical assistance, and her heartbreaking suspicions were tragically confirmed at a local clinic, revealing her daughter’s pregnancy.