Unmasked: Funeral Thief Reveals Shocking Tactics to Steal from MournersImage Credit: Nashtvzimbabwe

Unmasked: Funeral Thief Reveals Shocking Tactics to Steal from Mourners

A Harare man claiming to be a funeral thief has been apprehended after stealing cellphones and other gadgets from grieving mourners at funerals. The thief, whose identity remains undisclosed, was caught in the act and compelled to narrate his cunning tactics. His shocking revelations shed light on a disturbing trend that has plagued funeral gatherings in the region.

Tactics of a funeral thief

According to the thief, he infiltrates funerals in Harare by masquerading as a mourner. He actively participates in funeral proceedings, assuming duties typically performed by men, such as chopping firewood and carrying groceries. By doing so, he gains the trust of the mourners and ingratiates himself within the community.

The thief explained that his hard work and dedication during the funeral activities often earn him recognition from the women responsible for cooking. As a result, he is offered food as a token of appreciation. Seizing this opportunity, he carefully observes the surroundings, identifying areas where cellphones are being charged and groceries are stored. Once he identifies his targets, he swiftly steals the phones and other valuables, exploiting the vulnerability of the grieving individuals.

Caught in the act

During his recent capture, the funeral thief had stolen Huawei Nova smartphone, another unidentified phone, $15 USD in cash, a pack of apples, and fresh milk. After committing the theft, he attended a church service, displaying a brazen disregard for the consequences of his actions. Subsequently, he attempted to sell the stolen cellphones to his accomplices, who operate near Food World along Cameroon Street, close to the Copa Cabana footbridge. The thief mentioned one of his associates, Jefter, as well as several buyers, including Makandiwa, Israel, Tino, and Blessing.

The funeral thief also disclosed that local street vendors serve as his grocery buyers. This disturbing revelation highlights the extent to which this criminal network operates, exploiting funeral gatherings for personal gain.