Dark Cloud Hangs Over Belgravia's KwaBelinda: Reveller Dies After Violent AltercationImage Credit: H-metro

Dark Cloud Hangs Over Belgravia’s KwaBelinda Bar: Reveller Dies After Violent Altercation

In a shocking turn of events, a reveller known only as Diva lost his life after a physical altercation at KwaBelinda bar in Harare. The incident took place in the early hours of yesterday, opposite the bustling Belgravia Shopping Centre. The details surrounding the altercation are still unclear, but according to witnesses, Diva had a misunderstanding with another man, which escalated into a violent fight that ultimately led to his tragic demise.

Shock and Unease Among Regulars

The news of Diva’s death has sent shockwaves through the locals, leaving regular patrons of the bar feeling uneasy. Precious Masimba, a bar attendant at the establishment, expressed her shock at the tragic incident. She shared that the bar closed around 3am, and she was taken aback when she heard about Diva’s death. Masimba also revealed that one of the waitresses failed to receive payment from one of the revellers involved in the fight, who is still yet to settle his dues. This reveller is known to be a regular client of the bar, adding another layer of complexity to the situation.

A Dark Cloud Over KwaBelinda a Once Popular Place

The bar, popularly known as KwaBelinda, had gained a reputation as a vibrant and lively spot in town. However, the death of Diva has cast a dark cloud over the establishment, leaving many in disbelief. A nearby vendor, who operates in close proximity to the bar, expressed his sorrow and concern. He stated that the place had become a hit in town and the tragic incident has left everyone in shock. The vendor emphasized the need for justice to be served and for incidents like these to be prevented in such upmarket places.

“Police officers came to record statements and it is our prayer that justice takes its course because we don’t want such incidents in such places. Sisi Belinda vangavauya hot, hot ne bar ravo,” stated the vendor

Police Investigation Underway

According to h-metro, Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed that the police are aware of the incident. However, they are yet to receive an official report regarding Diva’s death. Inspector Chakanza assured the public that the police are actively investigating the matter and will provide further details once they have been gathered.