CCC Supporter Tinashe Chitsunge Stoned[Image Credit: Twitter/Fadzayi Mahere]

Calls for Peace Amidst Violence: Zimbabwe Presidential and Parliamentary Polls Confirmed for August 23


A horrifying incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when Tinashe Chitsunge, a member of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), was stoned to death by suspected ZANU PF supporters. The unfortunate event unfolded as Chitsunge and other CCC youths were on their way to a rally in Glen View 7. The details of the incident are still emerging as authorities conduct their investigation.

CCC’s Shock and Outrage: A Cry for Peace and Justice for Tinashe Chitsunge

Fadzayi Mahere, the CCC spokesperson, expressed her shock and outrage on social media as she reported the tragic incident. In a heart-wrenching tweet, Mahere stated,

“ALERT: We have received a concerning report that @CCCZimbabwe member, Tinashe Chitsunge, was stoned to death by suspected @ZANUPF_Official thugs about an hour ago. The thugs ambushed a group of our youths when they were heading to a rally in Glen View 7. 

She strongly condemned the violence allegedly perpetrated by ZANU PF supporters against her party’s members, emphasizing that they were peacefully en route to the rally when they were brutally attacked. “NO TO VIOLENCE,” she proclaimed, demanding peace and justice for the deceased member.

Zimbabwe Presidential and Parliamentary Polls Set For August 23

In the midst of these troubling events, President Emmerson Mnangagwa officially declared that Zimbabwe will hold its presidential and parliamentary elections on August 23. Following the announcement, political parties participating in the elections immediately commenced their campaigning activities. Amidst the backdrop of violence, there have been widespread calls for a peaceful campaign and election period in the country.

Raising Awareness and Demanding Change

The tragic death of Tinashe Chitsunge and the ongoing violence in Zimbabwe are grave reminders of the importance of promoting peace and condemning any form of violence. The loss of a young life has shaken the nation and has brought attention to the need for political parties and citizens alike to engage in peaceful and constructive dialogue. The CCC’s call for justice for their fallen member is resonating across the country and beyond.

As we reflect on the tragic death of Tinashe Chitsunge and the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe, it is imperative that we stand together to demand peace, justice, and accountability. The incident serves as a stark reminder that violence has no place in our society, and political differences should be resolved through peaceful means. Let us honor Tinashe’s memory by striving for a better and more harmonious future for Zimbabwe.