Parents Stunned as Teenagers’ Secret Vuzu Party in Dzivarasekwa Ends in Police Bust, 19 Students Arrested


The teenage years can make or break a person as they often venture into forbidden territory, defying their parents’ warnings.

Nineteen students’ parents had faith that their children were at school, diligently preparing for a promising future. To their utter dismay, they discovered that their teenage sons and daughters had been caught in a police raid.

On the final day of the Second Term, a group of nineteen students from Corridors of Hope College, along with others from neighbouring schools, were apprehended in Dzvirasekwa during a shocking incident.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police disclosed on their Twitter account that they had raided a “Vuzu Party,” also known as a sex party, at an address in Nehanda Dzivarasekwa Extension. Unluckily for the participants, the police pounced before they could even begin the festivities.

The group of teenagers, as well as the 20-year-old caretaker of the venue, Pride Nyamugafata, were all arrested for planning and hosting the illicit gathering. In addition to their detention, the police seized various items from the scene, including alcohol, wines, condoms, shisha, and its flavour.

Further details about the arrests are expected to be released in due course.


“The ZRP confirms that a raid has been conducted at a sex party at number 153 Nehanda Dzivarasekwa Extension where some students from Corridors of Hope College and others from neighbouring schools were about to start the party. 19 students and the caretaker of the house, Pride Nyamugafata (20), have been arrested. Several bottles of alcohol, wines, condoms, shisha and its flavour have been confiscated. More details to be availed soon,” the police wrote in a Twitter update.


This incident is not the first time the police have intervened in such gatherings. Back in October 2021, a similar sex party was raided in Kuwadzana, leading to the arrest of sixteen people, ten men, and six women. They were later released on free bail, but the house owner faced charges for running a brothel, while the party organiser was charged with disorderly conduct.