Thomas Chizhanje Steps in to Quell Holy Ten and Micheal Magz Feud[Image Credit: Facebook]

Thomas Chizhanje Steps in to Quell Holy Ten and Micheal Magz Feud

After a series of heated exchanges and grudges between Holy Ten and Micheal Magz, socialite Thomas Chizhanje has stepped in to ease the tension.

Chizhanje took to his Facebook page to offer advice to Magz. He urged him to concentrate on his music career without engaging in diss tracks or mentioning Holy Ten in future projects.

Focusing on Music Amidst Conflict

Micheal Magz and Holy Ten During The Bhundu Boys Album Launch

Chizhanje emphasized that he understands Magz’s songs were responses to disses from Holy Ten. However, he encouraged Magz to shift his focus towards building his own name and identity without the influence of their ongoing feud.

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Respecting the Past and Moving Forward

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Thomas further advised Micheal to maintain respect for the relationship they once had, despite the circumstances that led to their fallout. He acknowledged that Holy Ten may have done wrong but emphasized that he put Micheal in the limelight and gave him a platform to showcase his talent.

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Uncovering the Origins of the Feud

Micheal Magz and Ollah 7

During an interview with Ollah 7, Micheal shed light on his collaboration and subsequent grudge with Holy Ten. Magz revealed that Holy Ten initially approached him for a three-month contract with Samanyanga Records, after Magz had initially reached out to Holy Ten for a potential collaboration.

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Communication Breakdown and Financial Motivations

Due to a breakdown in communication, their collaboration never materialized. However, in November, Holy Ten sent Magz a contract proposal, which he accepted primarily due to financial considerations. During the partnership, Magz received a monthly payment of approximately US$60.

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Falling Out and Releasing Diss Tracks

Their relationship faced its first falling out, leading to a temporary separation. In response to Holy Ten’s diss track titled “We Don’t Do That,” Micheal released his own verse as part of the Gore Remix. He also unfollowed and blocked Holy Ten on social media, severing ties with him and his associates.