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The Untold Side of Holy Ten: New Reality Show Sheds Light on Zimbabwe’s Rap Icon

Mukudzei Chitsama, popularly known as Holy Ten, is set to have his own real-life reality show, premiering every Tuesday on ZTN Prime at 21:00. The show is set to air Holy Ten’s controversial life. In a ZTN trailer Mujaya stated that he is probably the most interesting person in Zimbabwe.

Holy Ten’s Controversial Life

Holy Ten, the controversial rapper, has been making headlines this year with his controversial stories. These include “Blue Ticks Advances On Twitter, By Fadzai Mahere“, “Cheating on His Fiance”, “Visiting his Baby Mama“, “Having a Secret Romance with Mabrijo“, “Trashing Jah Prayzah‚Äôs Albums“, and “a Shocking Bedroom Scandal.” These scandals have made Holy Ten the center of attention, captivating audiences with his controversial lifestyle. Despite the controversies, Holy Ten has remained popular among his fans, who are eagerly anticipating his real-life reality show set to air soon

The Real-Life Reality Show

Mukudzei Chitsama’s real-life reality show aims to reveal Holy Ten’s true personality. The show will provide audiences with a different perspective on his controversial lifestyle. The reality show is set to premiere every Tuesday on ZTN Prime at 21:00. Holy ten promised the show will be both entertaining and informative. The show’s trailer already has fans buzzing, with many eagerly anticipating the premiere.


Mukudzei Chitsama, aka Holy Ten, is set to captivate audiences with his real-life reality show premiering on ZTN Prime. The show promises to reveal the controversial rapper’s true personality and provide fans with a different perspective on his lifestyle.

Holy Ten’s Fans Reaction


keep pushing bro we need more artist’s like this




What can I say than thanks, I went through your recent songs and im impressed


keep going


keep going