Prophet Wars: Passion Java Mocks Makandiwa’s Audacious Claim – Who Is More Gifted Than Whom?


In a dramatic turn of events within Zimbabwe’s religious community, eccentric clergyman and self-styled prophet Passion Java has taken aim at his fellow man of the cloth, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, mocking the controversial declaration made by the United Church International Church (UFIC) leader. Prophet Makandiwa, known for his influential sermons, recently sent shockwaves through social media with his bold claim that he is more gifted than God.


The Provocative Claim by Prophet Makandiwa that Ignited the Controversy

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, the leader of United Church International Church (UFIC), made a bold claim in a video that has since gone viral. He stated, “I am more gifted than God. Yes. And God knows that.” This declaration was met with criticism and accusations of blasphemy from the public.

Passion Java Fires Back with Mockery

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, eccentric clergyman and self-styled prophet, Passion Java, took to Facebook to mock Makandiwa’s audacious claim. Posting on his profile, Java sarcastically stated, “I am more gifted than satan 😂,” further intensifying the already heated controversy surrounding Makandiwa’s statement.

Mixed Reactions from Social Media Users

The public response to the ongoing prophet feud has been a mixture of opinions, with many expressing their thoughts on the matter. Among the comments in response to Passion Java’s mockery, there were various perspectives:

Doxa Melchi Ernest expressed some reservations, stating, “Sounds immature after a fellow prophet’s statement, just my thoughts though.”

Gloria Waldman voiced her disappointment, saying, “Sad how in ministry it’s now jokes against each other than help each other, attacks on one another are becoming a norm, very sad.”

Kate Emmanuel called for unity among believers, emphasizing the importance of supporting one another instead of laughing at their mistakes. She drew a comparison with other faiths, stating, “You can never see Muslims fighting each other this way. May God help us.”

Derex Simango seemed to appreciate the truth in Java’s mockery, saying, “Some of the truth is now coming out in jokes. Thanks for telling us the truth.”

Shadreck Lovedale expressed his dismay, commenting, “It’s sad how Christianity is becoming a joke because of some prophets.”

Christianity’s Reputation at Stake

As the prophet wars unfold, the broader issue of the Christian community’s reputation comes into focus. The mixed reactions from social media users highlight the potential impact on the perception of Christianity as a whole. The public is witnessing the clash between these influential religious figures, and it raises questions about the integrity and unity of the faith.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Truth Behind Divine Gifts

As the controversy continues to capture public attention, the question remains: who truly possesses divine gifts? The clash between Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Passion Java not only exposes divisions within the religious community but also raises deeper questions about the nature of spiritual abilities and their rightful claimants. The ongoing prophet wars serve as a stark reminder of the power dynamics and conflicts within the faith, leaving believers and observers to ponder the significance of these declarations and their impact on Christianity’s reputation.