Sir Wicknell's Explosive Facebook Post Sends Shockwaves Across the Internet!Image Credit-Sir Wicknell Facebook

Sir Wicknell’s Explosive Facebook Post Sends Shockwaves Across the Internet!

Sir Wicknell, a Zimbabwean businessman, has caused mixed reactions online with his response to an article by ZimLive. ZimLive reported that he had acquired a new fleet of brand new cars worth US$3.5 million from the UK and South Africa. The article also mentioned Sir Wicknell‘s previous legal issues with the Zimbabwe Power Company over a solar power project.

Sir Wicknell Demands For Respect 

Sir Wicknell took to Facebook to respond to the article, stating that people should respect and give him credit for his hard work. He said, “I work way too hard and I’m sick and tired of having to be apologetic about money I earned legitimately!!!”. He went on to explain that he had endured sleepless nights over the years, preparing tender documents. These documents were to be submitted across Southern Africa and that now his time to enjoy his hard work.

Mixed Reactions Online From Sir Wicknell’s Reply

The response from Sir Wicknell has sparked a range of reactions online, with some supporting his right to enjoy his wealth. One of his followers posted,

“I don’t think there is any problem in showing ur success because it’s yours and you earned it. Whichever way that does not concern us. And all those ppl saying stuff if there were put in ur shoes they would do e same”.

Others have criticized Sir Wicknell for the source of his wealth, with one critic stating,

“Corruption money full stop. No ethical money can buy flashy things like that. Ask Sadio Mane”.

Another critic argued that true hard work should be accompanied by humility and not boastful displays of wealth.

“Hard work is not about bragging. The results of hard work are seen in humility. Only thieves show off like that. I used to admire you, but not anymore. Useless people draining our resources that should benefit everyone but are channeled to individuals.”

Kudakwashe Popah Ngorima:

Isa mari panodziya, mari haina basa kuti yabvepi.

Peter Mushoriwa:

Enjoy your money and stop showing us the side of doing things for people. We expect success to be success, nothing less. Leave people alone, if they talk against you and your success it simply means they have made up their minds not to vibe with you and that shouldn’t be a puzzle to you. They don’t want to respect you and nothing can be done to fix that.

Talent Trillest Gotekwa:

I don’t think there is any problem in showing ur success because it’s yours and you earned it whichever way that does not concern us and all those ppl saying stuff if there were put in ur shoes they would do e same 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Brian Whinya:

Yes you don’t sleep doing tenders but my question is what line of business are you into.???

Lawson Pamuchigere:

Let this young man adye nd enjoy bag rake donation comes from heart not force from other niggaz ….

Masimba Katsande:

We know Tinashe Mutarisis businesses, Rudlands, even ra Scott roziikanwa.renyu nderipi nhai Sir .which company do you own that employs ateast 30 people.hatisi kurwa .Tokugawa paper trail basi

Tinashe Gwashure:

No food for a lazy man you deserve it your hard wrk pays.makorokoto bba.

Ntombiyezwe Msipa Gambiza:

It’s your time lil bro…….enjoy…….play hard,pray hard and work hard….that’s all there is to life

Wilforde Melusi Chikosha:

We only know you by spending on shoes Gucci and cars. I’m yet to hear of your success in the industry
When Philip Mataranyika Strive Masiiwa Nigel Chanakira spends nobody notices or is asked to respect