Outrageous Poem Lands Masvingo Policeman in Hot Water, Officer Faces Jail Time Over WhatsApp Group[Image Credit: Twitter/@TellZim]

Outrageous Poem Lands Policeman in Hot Water, Faces Hefty Penalty


In a shocking turn of events, a police officer stationed at Ngundu police station in Masvingo has been slapped with a hefty fine of US$150 or the prospect of 30 days behind bars. This comes as punishment for his involvement in composing a highly contentious poem that targeted his boss, former Officer Commanding Masvingo Province, Assistant Commissioner Taonei Nyazema, likening him to human waste.

Denial of Guilt and Artistic Intent

Madumira, accused of sending the offensive poem via a WhatsApp group in 2020, pleaded not guilty and denied authorship of the piece. He argued that he did not possess an Android phone at the time of the alleged offence, asserting that the poem was a mere work of art.

The Explicit and Insulting Content

Local publication, the Masvingo Mirror reports that during the trial, the poem in question was brought to light, revealing its explicit content aimed at insulting both Nyazema and his mother, whom Madumira referred to as “human faeces.” Such derogatory language undoubtedly escalated the severity of the case and drew significant attention from the legal authorities.


Outrageous Poem Lands Masvingo Policeman in Hot Water, Officer Faces Jail Time Over WhatsApp Group
[Image Credit: Twitter/@TellZim]
Verdict and the Importance of Professionalism

Magistrate Ngwerume, while acknowledging Madumira’s denial of guilt and artistic intent, firmly emphasized the importance of maintaining respect and decorum within the law enforcement community. He highlighted that regardless of the poem’s artistic value, it was essential to distinguish between freedom of expression and the boundaries of professionalism.

Reactions and Debate

The courtroom was abuzz with mixed reactions, as some supported the magistrate’s decision, arguing that discipline and order should prevail within the police force. However, others raised concerns regarding the potential infringement on freedom of speech, fearing that this verdict could set a dangerous precedent.


It remains to be seen whether Madumira will pay the fine or opt to serve the 30-day jail term. Nevertheless, this incident serves as a stark reminder to individuals within the law enforcement community and beyond that exercising caution when expressing opinions, particularly in digital spaces, is crucial to avoiding legal repercussions.

Quoting Masvingo Magistrate Conceptor Ngwerume, he stated, “We must maintain respect and professionalism at all times. Freedom of expression should not be misused to undermine authority.”

As tensions rise and debates ensue, one thing is certain: the consequences of this poem’s composition have left a lasting impact on the career and reputation of Officer Erison Madumira.