Shocking Twist Of Events As South Africans Plead For This Zimbabwean To Keep Her JobMbo Mahocs (Image Credit: Twitter @TheChronicle)

Shocking Twist Of Events As South Africans Plead For This Zimbabwean To Keep Her Job

In an odd twist of events, Scandal! viewers have petitioned for the return of Zimbabwean actress Mbo Mahocs to the show.

Widely known as Chichi on the blockbuster tv soapie, the actress, born Mbonisi Mahonondo, had been on the show since 2018.

It was her seamless blend with her “Nigerian’ role that got the show’s viewers in love with her.

At one point, while speaking to state media on this role, Mahocs was quoted saying.

I cannot express the level of excitement I have and, at the same time, (the) humility and gratitude I have towards playing the role of ChiChi on eTV’s Scandal. This is a platform that I am privileged to have as an actress, to learn and grow.”

But the dance would not last as her character got cancelled.

Fortunately, the whole of Mzansi is backing her, and they want her to return.

Find out what Scandal viewers had to say.


Scandal should really bring back Chichi as a full time actor 😂😂😂. She was so funny !

@Moraka Mofomme;

They must bring chichi as Mukunas wife looking for revenge from the kubeka’s 

@Bellae Mangena;

Our very own Zimbabwean actress with pure talent….plz come back

@Ncamiso Cleo  Maseko;

If she has to come back is Mthunzi koming back too 😜😜😂😂😂


This comes at a time when operation Dudula is in full swing. Essentially, South Africans are saying they are tired of losing jobs to foreigners, and it is time that they return to their respective countries.

However, of all the foreigners who have made South Africa their hub, it seems Zimbabweans are the most hated due to their involvement in criminal activities. Also, tightly up there with Zimbabweans are Nigerians, whom most accuse of peddling drugs.

By Mandisa