Shocking: Budiriro robbers caught with US$14,000 worth of stolen goodsImage Credit H-Metro

Shocking: Budiriro robbers caught with US$14,000 worth of stolen goods

Police have arrested five robbers who had been using a stolen car in a series of robberies in Budiriro. Recovered goods worth US$14,000 were found at a property in Budiriro 3, which led to the arrests.

Recovered goods and arrests

William Takawira, Julius Mubaiwanemihwa, Mcmell Zunhidza, and Leonard Ndlovu were arrested for the robberies. Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, warned criminals that the law would always catch up with them.

Pharmacist victim of burglary

Among the victims was pharmacist Kennymore Sibanda, whose newly opened Las Vegas Pharmacy was burgled. Property worth US$4,500 was stolen, including a Red Canvax generator, two computer sets, a 42-inch Keson TV, and various pharmaceuticals.

Another Robbery Story

Christopher Asoni, a robbery suspect who fled to South Africa after stealing $1.8 million from a Harare firm in 2018, has been arrested. Asoni bought a Mercedes Benz, VW Golf GT1, Toyota Quantum, and cattle from the loot. He appeared before Harare magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka and was remanded in custody.

The robbery

Asoni and 11 accomplices armed themselves on April 2, 2018. They scaled the wall of PHl Commodities in Aspindale, Harare. The group confronted two security guards, assaulted them with metal bars, handcuffed them, and tied their legs with shoelaces. They stole the guards’ belongings including two cellphones, safety shoes, a black satchel, toiletries, and two Zatec two-way communication radios. The robbers also stole cash and laptops from the firm.

Sharing the loot

Police gathered that after the robbery, Asoni and his accomplices went to Chitsvatsva village, Chief Seke, where they shared the stolen money. According to Newsday, Asoni then crossed the border into South Africa, only to sneak back into Zimbabwe on an unknown date.