Shadaya and Linda Masarira Lock Horns Over 'Work-Husbands,' Resulting in a Body-Shaming Uproar[Image Credit: X]

Shadaya and Linda Masarira Lock Horns Over ‘Work-Husbands,’ Resulting in a Body-Shaming Uproar

Shadaya, a self-proclaimed alpha male, engaged in a heated argument with Linda Masarira, the president of the opposition party LEAD, over the topic of modern working-class women having “work-husbands,” which led to accusations of misogyny and body-shaming.

Shadaya’s Claims About Workplace Relationships

Alpha’s initial post targeted modern working women, suggesting that many of them engage in extramarital affairs with their colleagues or superiors which he referred to as ‘working husbands/boyfriends.

“Work husbands actually exist. Your woman will be in a relationship with you back home, but simultaneously also in one with a workmate/boss,” stated Shadaya.

According to Shadaya, late-night work sessions and workshops provided convenient opportunities for these illicit relationships to flourish.

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Linda Challenges Alpha’s Assertions

Linda, not one to shy away from controversy, responded to Alpha’s remarks, accusing him of harboring deep-seated resentment towards women due to his negative personal experiences. She emphasized that it was unfair to generalize about all women based on his own unfortunate encounters.

“Enough of your objectification of women Shadaya. I think women in Zimbabwe have been too lenient on you. If a woman messed you up, it doesn’t mean that all women are messed up,” stated LEAD president.

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Defending the Integrity of Women

Masarira stood firm in her defense of women and their commitment to their marriages. She stressed that many women prioritize their marital vows and remain faithful, regardless of the temptations that may arise in various social settings.

“Many women do value their marriages and have never had an affair either at work, church, or wherever,” stated Linda.

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The Controversial Body-Shaming Exchange

Following Masarira’s rebuttal, Shadaya’s followers unleashed a barrage of negative comments, targeting her personal hygiene. In response, Masarira accused them of body-shaming. Shadaya retorted, asserting that being told to bathe does not constitute body-shaming.