Prophet T Chiza Unveils 5 Game-Changing Solutions that ED Must Implement to Resurrect Zimbabwe's Economy in Just 3 Months[Image Credit: Facebook]

Prophet T Chiza Unveils 5 Game-Changing Solutions that ED Must Implement to Resurrect Zimbabwe’s Economy in Just 3 Months

Self-proclaimed prophet Blessing Chiza has revealed that he holds 5 game-changing solutions that President ED Mnangagwa must implement for the Zimbabwean economy to prosper in the next 3 to 6 months.

During a sermon, Chiza addressed his congregation, emphasizing the significance of a nation’s ‘prosperity cloud’ on its economic well-being.

The Absence of the Prosperity Cloud


Chiza expressed concern about the absence of this cloud in the spiritual realm concerning Zimbabwe. To illustrate his point, he cited nations such as the USA, United Kingdom, and South Africa, which he believed possessed this cloud of grace. While mentioning South Africa, he noted its gradual disappearance, predicting that some South Africans would soon seek employment in Zimbabwe.

“South Africa is there but its also slowly disapearing. Its now about to lift off. You might be surprised where we are going , South Africans coming to look for jobs, even in nations they were despising,” stated Chiza.

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Impact on Zimbabwean Businesses

According to Chiza, the disappearance of this cloud negatively affects Zimbabwean businesses, leading to their current suffering. He emphasized that both spiritual and political factors must be addressed to address Zimbabwe’s economic challenges.

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The Revelation and Meeting with the President

Chiza shared that the Holy Spirit had spoken to him, urging him to discuss a divine revelation with President Mnangagwa. This revelation contains essential actions that need to be taken within the next three to six months to facilitate a turnaround in Zimbabwe’s economy.

“For the economy of Zimbabwe to turn around, 3 to 6 months, they are 5 things the president of Zimbabwe must do,” stated Chiza.