Sex Worker Triplets[cred; Manica Post]

Sex Worker Gives Birth To Triplets, Seeks Assistance With Accommodation

The tale of a 32yearold, selfconfessed sex worker, who recently gave birth to triplets, two boys and a girl, at Hauna District Hospital, is one of resilience and hope. Melody Muponda had been offering her services in Manicaland and neighbouring Mozambique, where she had indulged in a lifestyle of drunkenness and promiscuity before unexpectedly becoming pregnant.

Despite the absence of knowledge of who the father of her triplets is, Melody said she has found solace in the thought that the Lord has gifted her with three grandchildren at once and restored what He had taken.

Melody also revealed that she had previously lost four children to unknown diseases after her husband, a member of the Johane Marange Apostolic Church, had prevented her from taking them to the hospital. This drove her to venture into sex work in order to provide for her surviving child and her mother, as well as her six siblings.

Now, Melody is eager to start afresh, quit the sex trade and look after her four children, though she is currently residing in a home referred to asPaGirls High by neighbours due to past occupants of sex workers, and is appealing to wellwishers to help her with decent accommodation and capital to start a business.

Her mother, Alice Mangofa, echoed her plea, adding that she was also married at 14 against her will and that she cannot look after her children, including Melody and her four children, due to lack of accommodation.

It is the hope of both Melody and her mother that the generosity of those who are more privileged will assist Melody in providing a solid foundation for her and her children.

By Mandisa