MSU Lecturer Resigns[cred; B-metro]

MSU Lecturer Recorded In Compromising Position With Student Resigns 

The Midlands State University (MSU) has been thrust into the spotlight once again after scandalous videos and pictures of one of its lecturers, Reginald Chidawanyika the chairperson of the Department of Procedural Law and a student, Panashe Ashley Hwaviva, engaging in romantic acts, leaked onto the internet.

The screenshots revealed the student in a WhatsApp video call with Chidawanyika, twerking while butt naked, and a video also showed the passionate exchange of kisses between the two. In response to the situation, Mirirai Mawere, director of marketing and communications for MSU, confirmed the incident and stated that if it had been a case of sexual harassment, severe steps would have been taken.

It appears, however, that the lecturer resigned on Friday 10 February before the university had a chance to take action.

Viewers of the content have, however, argued that Chidawanyika isn‘t alone; many male lecturers have been accused of exploiting the authority of their positions to engage in inappropriate relationships with their students.

“She didn’t want to be kissed,” said one viewer with a Twitter handle Val Bunjira.

“That lecturer isn’t alone. Many male lecturers approach students and make them fail if they refuse. The gross sexual exploitation and abuse of authority is claiming many silent victims,” added another with a Twitter handle McAuthur Lokie.

Meanwhile, the 2018 academic year  at the institution also saw a troubling incident in which a male student committed suicide after discovering that his girlfriend was having an affair with a lecturer.




By Mandisa