Senior Teacher in Manicaland Arrested for Taking Advantage of Helpless Grade 7 Student!!Image Credit- Human Rights Watch

Senior Teacher in Manicaland Arrested for Taking Advantage of Helpless Grade 7 Student!!

A senior teacher at Ringanayo Primary School in Makoni, Manicaland, has been suspended from work and charged with sexual abuse. Benedict Mukwekwe is being accused of sexually abusing a Grade Seven student. The accused allegedly raped the minor on two separate occasions and was walking free until his arrest by the police. Edward Shumba, Manicaland’s Provincial Education Director, confirmed the suspension and charges brought against Mukwekwe. He also added that the accused was out on bail until the next court hearing on June 12, 2023.

Victim’s account of the alleged rape incidents

The victim, whose identity remains anonymous for protection, said the first incident occurred in September 2022, when she was still in Grade Seven. She stayed behind for revision work with her classmates before the final exams. While on her way home, Mukwekwe allegedly appeared from nowhere and instructed her to stop. According to Manicapost, Benedict dragged her into the bush, removed her clothes and raped her.

“He forced me to have sexual intercourse with him. After that, he promised to give me a dollar so that I would not tell anyone about the incident,” she said.

The second rape incident happened when she went to collect her exam results, and Mukwekwe raped her again.

Mother’s reaction 

The victim’s mother only discovered the issue when she suspected her daughter was pregnant and took her to the local Village Health Worker. The health worker advised her to take the child to the clinic, where they confirmed that she was not pregnant. The mother further stated that she did not report the abuse to the police but informed her uncles.

“I did not report this matter to the police because I told her uncles and I did not want to go ahead of them,” said the mother