From Tragedy to Triumph: Alick Macheso's Emotional Birthday Message Uncovers Ba Shero's Heartbreaking Past!!Image Credit- Nehanda Tv

From Tragedy to Triumph: Alick Macheso’s Emotional Birthday Message Uncovers Ba Shero’s Heartbreaking Past!!

Zimbabwean sungura legend, Alick Macheso, popularly known as Ba Shero, is celebrating his 55th birthday tomorrow, June 10th. While many fans know him for his music, few know the emotional story of his childhood without a father figure. Macheso spoke out about his childhood in an interview. Ba Shero revealed how he was raised by his mother’s family and how his father, Hardson Maenela, deserted the family when his mother was just three months pregnant.

Macheso’s Traumatic Reunion

Macheso didn’t meet his father until he was seven, and even then, his father tried to kidnap him.

“On this day, I was playing football at the compound when he came and asked me to follow him. He wanted to lure me with sweets while he was hiding in the maize field close to our compound.”

Fortunately, Macheso’s uncle intervened and scared his father away.

A Father’s Legacy

Despite the trauma of his childhood, Macheso has turned his experiences into some of his most touching music. Songs like “Baba” and “Mundikumbuke” are known for their emotional depth and honesty.

“Whenever I perform the song, I don’t know how to control my tears. I always get emotional each time I play the song”, said Ba Shero referring to his song titled “Baba”. 

Macheso’s Advice for Fellow Artists

As he celebrates his birthday, Macheso is also thinking about the future. In a message to fellow artists, he stressed the importance of preparing for life after music.

“Our job, as musicians, is demanding and we can’t afford to be reckless when we are at our peak since we don’t have a pension. We need to make savings to avoid being labelled destitute when we fall on hard times,” he said.

Diversifying His Hustle

According to a report from H-Metro, Macheso has taken his own advice and diversified his income streams. In addition to his music career, he owns a farm in Chivhu where he grows crops and raises livestock. “Growing up on a farm environment, I fell in love with agriculture,” he said. “I will always do my best when it comes to farming.”

Despite his success, Macheso remains humble and dedicated to his craft. He takes pride in working alongside his employees on his farm and making sure they feel valued.

“I am not a trigger-happy kind of boss but I respect my employees because they have their families as well. I have seen a lot in my life, having been raised in a farm environment, where it was hard,” he said

As Macheso celebrates his 55th birthday with his two sons, Esau and Tatenda, at Tanza Centre in Chitungwiza, he remains a living legend and an inspiration to many in Zimbabwe and beyond.