Race for Khama Billiat's Signature Heats Up: Turkish Club Goes All Out to Snatch Him[Image Credit: Premier League Updates]

Race for Khama Billiat’s Signature Heats Up: Turkish Club Goes All Out to Snatch Him

Turkish club has revived its interest in signing Zimbabwean forward Khama Billiat. It is offering him “the best package he can get at his age in Europe.” The club had previously lost interest in the deal but has now come knocking on Billiat’s door again. The club is  using French agents to try and secure the deal, reported hmetro.

Stalled Negotiations

However, negotiations have stalled, with Billiat and his camp yet to commit to the deal despite the attractive offer. The club is said to be very keen on signing the player but they have been unable to get him to give them the mandate to seal the deal.

Local Interest

Meanwhile, local club Dynamos has also joined the queue to try and sign Billiat. Their coach Herbert Maruwa identifying him as a fine finisher that the club needs. Dynamos chairman Moses Maunganidze has expressed his interest in meeting with Billiat’s people to discuss the possibilities of signing him.

Billiat, Top Player

Billiat is a top player with a proven track record, having won numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. His experience and skills would be highly valued by any club, whether in Turkey or Zimbabwe.

Future Plans

It remains to be seen whether Billiat will choose to sign with the Turkish club, Dynamos, or any other club for that matter. His immediate future is uncertain, but one thing is clear – he is a highly sought-after player who has the talent and ability to excel at any level.


The interest from the Turkish club and Dynamos highlights the value that Billiat brings to the table. They both recognize his potential and are willing to go the extra mile to secure his services. It remains to be seen where Billiat will end up.