It's Over Again: Yahya Good Vibes and Mpondasugar Call it Quits for the Third Time![Image Credit: Yahya Instagram]

It’s Over Again: Yahya Good Vibes and Mpondasugar Call it Quits for the Third Time!

The two-year-long relationship between popular radio presenter “Yahya Good Vibes” and Mpondasugar, a TikTok celebrity has ended for the third time. 

Fans Disappointed and Concerned

As news of their split hit social media, fans and followers expressed their disappointment and concern. The couple had garnered a significant following together, sharing their adventures and spreading positive vibes.

Mitchel released a statement, saying, “It comes with great difficulty to announce that Me and Mpondasugar have parted ways. We have come up with this decision after real consideration and mature discussion. There is no one at fault but it’s a situation beyond us at the end of the day.”


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Speculations are in Overdrive

While the exact reasons behind their latest split are yet to be confirmed, speculation is already in overdrive. The couple had previously broken up twice and reconciled, leaving fans to hope for a reunion.

Mitchel had just broken up with Hip-hop star Holy 10 before starting a relationship with Mpondasugar. Holy 10 became a father over the weekend after the birth of his son, Mukudzei Jnr.

Support for Mitchel and Mpondasugar as Individuals

Mitchel expressed hope that fans would continue to support them as individuals despite the end of their relationship.

“Apologies to everyone we have disappointed, but thank you again for the support. There has been no incompetence when it comes to work, but circumstances leading to this decision are strictly personal,” she said.

In conclusion, the break-up of Mitchel and Mpondasugar’s relationship has left fans saddened, and speculation is rife about the reasons behind the split.