One Of The Artists On Eureka Eureka Album Reveals How Winky D Approached Them For A CollaboShingai Shoniwa (cred; Newsday)

One Of The Artists On Eureka Eureka Album Reveals How Winky D Approached Her For A Collabo

Amid exchanges accusing Dancehall chanter Winky D of tricking artists into a political project, United Kingdom-based musician, Shingai, has revealed how he approached her for their collaboration on Dzimba Dzemabwe.

Dzimba Dzemabwe, a single from Winky D’s latest body of Work, Eureka Eureka, is also among the songs a section in society deemed political.

Speaking on the Denny J podcast, Shingai said Winky D was honest when he approached her for the collaboration.

“He said I wanna do a song with you because I feel we need to be braver and bolder as musicians and artists to speak the truth from our own experiences, and also, it’s ok to say we can do better. There is nothing political in depicting some of the issues which are really debilitating us at the moment.”

This is how winky D approached other artist for collaborations

That is a leader and his conscience is very clear on what he wants

That’s why he won’t come here and try to control the narrative,
he is an artist ✅
Not an opportunist

— Dzimba Dzemabwe🇿🇼🇿🇼 (@paulmuchemwa2) February 9, 2023

This comes on the backdrop of Holy Ten’s castigation of Winky D, saying he tricked him on Ibotso by releasing a political song when they had initially set out for a different theme.

Holy Ten went on to label Winky d a snake.

“It can’t have been a setup. Because at the end of the day, even a snake… The man you are talking about is a snake longer than his dreadlocks. But even the snake did not force that apple on Eve. She was partly involved.

“He spoke, and she made a decision. I am Eve. Maybe that’s why I didn’t graduate. I would have never done a song with Winky G. [Saying Winky D] That’s me avoiding being sued. I’ve done Law. We’ve signed contracts,” he said in a circulating video.

By Mandisa