Corrupt Government Official Extorting Tinashe Mutarisi ExposedCorrupt Government Official Extorting Tinashe Mutarisi Exposed (cred: The Zimbabwe Mail)
Ibotso!!! Corrupt Government Official Extorting Tinashe Mutarisi Exposed
Businessman Tinashe Mutarisi has exposed a government official who has been persistently pestering him for extortion.
In a Facebook post-and-delete, Mutarisi, who is the owner of giant paint company, Nash Paints, also indicated that the expose’ has put his life in danger
“Sometimes the abuse we get frm these corrupt officials is unbelievable!
I’m really not one to complain but sometimes pple can just abuse their authority zvekusvika pakuti share or I burn everything that you have. If you really care for the thousands that benefit frm this thing give me a cut. Burn it then Munhu wese ane breaking point! Enough is enough. The good thing is I kept receipts!
Hold on! If I die I die, but I’m not going to take this rubbish anymore”
Reacting, social media users had these words to share.
Yadah Yadah

In zimbabwe ukada kuita chakanaka unopinda busy vanotodawo half pane zvauri kuda kubatsira nazvo vanoda kuguta kwavo havadi vamwe vaite zvakanaka mhuri dzavo ndodzakakosha chete ukaramba vanokutsvagira nyaya votanga kukupisa kuma court wait and watch muchaona vakunyeperwa Mr mutarisi or kusungiswa vakumutsirwa nyaya nevanhu ivava muchaona
Thandiwe Tariro Mtetwa

So it took someone known to say it fir u to take t srs just yesterday there is a boy who was complain of being assaulted by police officers cz his been refusing to give them a cut n yall ddnt say nothing ndimi vamweo imm but nyway it is what it is ……..
Ebenezer Mranduri

I once told some people kuti pane time ichasvika yokuti munhu wese from top to bottom vachafizuka ne chi gvt chedu Chete & munhu wese achapinda mustreet pasina amutuma vakananga ku State house & this is only the beginning…change is coming that’s if we are ready & willing to fight for it
Ironically, Winky  D sang about similar ordeals that have plunged the country into an economic crisis on Ibotso but was vilified for meddling in politics.

Corrupt Government Official Extorting Tinashe Mutarisi Exposed

By Mandisa