Nutty O Sets the Record Straight: "I'm Not Beefing with Anyone" About Samanyanga sounds[Image Credit: Nutty O Facebook]

Nutty O Sets the Record Straight: “I’m Not Beefing with Anyone” About Samanyanga sounds

Zimbabwean Afro Dancehall artist Nutty O responded to Samanyanga sounds over his comment on record labels in Zimbabwe. Nutty O clarified that he is not beefing with anyone but believes that no record label in Zimbabwe meets international standards. He stated that Chillspot, which is currently pushing some work, falls short of what is expected of a record label.

“Yes, Chillspot is putting some work and they are pushing but they just fall short of what is expected of a record label. It is all different from what Sony, Columbia Records or Universal are doing. Those are the standards that we should be emulating for the industry to thrive,” he said

Nutty O, no ‘beef’ with anyone

Nutty O clarified that he has no “beef” with any artist and he always minds his own business. He believes that artists who want to succeed don’t need any record label, reported hmetro. Signing to a record label might not be wise for them if they want to be successful in Zimbabwe.

“I have no beef with any artist, I am that one person who just minds his own business. If I am to perform, I just go and perform and leave, I mind my business and I do my own thing. The issue about record labels, well, I can say there are no record labels in Zimbabwe, stated Nutty.

Holy Ten’s Response

Holy Ten, who owns the record label Samanyanga sounds, disagreed with Nutty O’s view on record labels. He argued that record labels like Samanya sounds help artists to achieve their dreams and provide them with the support they need to succeed. He felt that Nutty O’s statement showed a lack of respect for the work that artists in Zimbabwe are doing. Michael also expressed his disagreement with Nutty O saying he didn’t understand the subject he was talking about.

The State of Record Labels in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe used to have Gramma Records and ZMC as some of the top record labels in the country. However, according to Nutty O, there are currently no record labels in Zimbabwe that meet international standards