Notorious Old Highfield Trio in Court for Daring Zesa Equipment Vandalism[Image Credit: ZESA]

Notorious Old Highfield Trio in Court for Daring Zesa Equipment Vandalism

Trio Old Highfield culprits who vandalized copper equipment within a ZESA pillar box, appeared in court facing charges of vandalism before Harare Magistrate Mrs Appollonia Marutya.

Alleged Vandalism of ZESA Pillar Box

According to the state’s case, on November 16, at the intersection of 39th and 28th Street in Old Highfield, around 8:30 am, Tinashe Mathew Mutyambizi, along with Edgar Nyabereka (already remanded in custody) and an unidentified individual named Ethel, allegedly vandalized the ZESA pillar box. They set it on fire and forcibly accessed the copper armoured cable housed inside.

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Arrest, Remand & Recovery Efforts

After vigilant residents discovered the offense, they pursued and apprehended Nyabereka, while Mutyambizi and Ethel managed to escape with the stolen copper. However, a manhunt ensued, leading to Mutyambizi’s arrest at an alternative address on November 23. The accused appeared before Harare Magistrate Mrs Appollonia Marutya and was remanded in custody pending a bail application today. The stolen copper is estimated to be worth US$400, but unfortunately, none of it has been recovered thus far.

Separate Story: Teenagers Appear in Court for Robbery

In a separate incident, three teenagers – Tapiwa Ngirandi (16), Tinashe Karonde (18), and Amos Takarwisa (19) – stood before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi on charges of robbing a pedestrian in downtown Harare.

Alleged Robbery on Mbuya Nehanda Street

[Image Credit: H-Metro]
The incident allegedly occurred around 2 am on Sunday when the trio reportedly accosted the man on Mbuya Nehanda Street. They assaulted him and proceeded to snatch his iTel phone and US$10.

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Intervention by Security Guard

The victim’s attackers continued assaulting him while Tapiwa committed the robbery. Fortunately, the assault ceased after a security guard from a nearby building intervened. All three teenagers involved in the robbery are reported to be homeless, with no fixed abode.


These cases highlight incidents of criminal activities within Harare, with the courts now tasked with determining the legal consequences for the accused individuals. Cases of robberies in Harare are on a rise as highlighted by a recent report by H-Metro.