Highfield Gardener Lost His Life in a US$2 Debt Clash[Image Credit: iStock]

Highfield Gardener Lost His Life in a US$2 Debt Clash

A Highfield man who worked as a gardener lost his life after being stabbed three times with a kitchen knife over a mere US$2 debt. The victim, Godwin Mututa, was laid to rest on Saturday at Mbudzi Cemetery, while the alleged perpetrator, Tendai Hove, awaits trial for murder in the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

A Longstanding Relationship Ends in Tragedy

Mututa, who had worked as a gardener at Hove’s parents’ house in Canaan, Zororo, for several years, tragically fell victim to a violent attack. The two individuals had known each other for an extended period and were considered almost like family by those close to them.

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A Fatal Dispute over a Small Sum

The fateful incident began when Hove reportedly requested $2 from Mututa to purchase beer on November 20. However, when Hove later approached Mututa to reclaim the borrowed money, a dispute arose. Instead of returning the funds, Hove left momentarily and returned wielding a kitchen knife.

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A Swift and Tragic End

Without warning or provocation, Hove unleashed a brutal attack on Mututa, stabbing him three times in the shoulder. The injuries proved fatal, and the gardener Mututa, tragically collapsed and lost his life instantly.

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Community in Shock and Mourning

Mourners who gathered to pay their respects expressed profound shock and disbelief at the senseless murder. Neighbors expressed how they were shattered by the incident with some suggesting that Hove might be taking drugs.

“Drug issues are rampant and these are some of the reasons why these young people are killing each other like this,” said one of the neighbors.

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The alarming increase in drug abuse within local communities necessitates urgent action. Government and organizations like Unicef must prioritize workshops to educate youth about the perils of substance abuse.