Norton Man Walks Away from Marriage as Wife Terminates Pregnancy with Boyfriend[Image Credit: iStock]

Norton Man Walks Away from Marriage After Wife Terminated Pregnancy with Boyfriend

A Norton man has walked away from his marriage after his wife terminated a pregnancy conceived with her boyfriend.

Tavengwa Chikwature, the husband, cited his wife’s disinterest in him despite being married for almost a decade and having three children together.

Marriage Dissolution Due to Infidelity

Tavengwa Chikwature and Olivia Mahungoneta Musunga tied the knot on May 10, 2014, and are parents to three children aged four, seven, and 11 years. Chikwature claimed that Musunga had numerous suitors and had shown a lack of interest in their marriage.

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Allegations of Neglect and Traditional Practices

According to Chikwature’s declaration, he had always provided for Musunga’s welfare and that of their children while she pursued her own interests. He accused her of consulting traditional healers, engaging in rituals, and neglecting her health.

Admission of Affair and Pregnancy Termination

Musunga confessed to having an affair with a man named Mangwiro and terminating a pregnancy conceived in December 2020.

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Property Division and Emotional Confessions

Chikwature proposed the sharing of their property in Darwendale View Phase 1, Norton. Musunga, in her defense, expressed her continued love for her husband and claimed that her feelings for him were not entirely lost.

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Court Decision and Maintenance Order

In the High Court ruling, Justice Fatima Maxwell granted Chikwature a divorce decree. He was ordered to pay US$50 per month per child as maintenance, with Musunga awarded custody of the minor children.

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Justice Maxwell’s Ruling

“A decree of divorce be and is hereby granted. Custody of the minor children, be and is hereby awarded to Musunga. Chikwature be and is hereby ordered to pay maintenance in the sum of US$50 per month per child, at the prevailing interbank rate, until each child attains the age of majority or becomes self-supporting,” ruled Justice Fatima Maxwell.