Nkuba Village Family Seeks Justice in Murder of Daughter by Husband[Image Credit: Bmetro]

Crying for Justice: Nkuba Village Family Seeks Justice in Horrific Murder of Daughter by Husband

A family from Nkuba Village is crying out for justice following the brutal murder of their daughter, allegedly by her husband. The accused killer, Born Yisaya remains free, leaving he grief-stricken family desperate for answers and accountability.

The Murder Tragic

Sibonakaliso Fuzane (38) was allegedly brutally murdered on September 1st during a domestic dispute that is yet to be fully understood. Despite the serious accusations against him, Born has not been arrested, causing immense pain to the victim’s family.

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Sibonakaliso was deceived by her husband, who took her to his sister’s place in Maitengwe, Bulilima. But once there, Born’s sister unexpectedly assaulted Sibonakaliso with stones, causing her to collapse. Taking advantage of the chaos, Born allegedly launched a vicious assault on his wife with a sword. He stabbed her ten times all over her body. Subsequently, Born and his sister purportedly dragged Sibonakaliso across the border into Botswana.

A Disturbing Turn of Events

After the horrifying incident, Born returned home and made threats to kill his children, brother, and brother’s wife, but community members intervened, preventing further tragedy. Overwhelmed by guilt, Born reportedly confessed to the Botswana police, leading them to the crime scene, where he was subsequently arrested.

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However, shockingly, Born was released from police custody after just two days and returned home, seemingly unaffected by his heinous actions. Witnessing the alleged murderer of their daughter walking free without facing consequences has left Sibonakaliso’s family deeply distraught.

Plea for Justice

Kilton Fuzane, the family spokesperson, expressed their pain and frustration, pleading for justice to be served. The family is calling for Born to be arrested and prosecuted for his heinous crime. However, the Zimbabwean police claim jurisdictional limitations due to the fact that the crime occurred across the border in Botswana, delaying the necessary actions for justice to be served.


The number of domestic disputes resulting in tragic outcomes has surged, as reported by H-Metro. In one case, a man feigned reconciliation with his wife, leading her to believe he had forgiven her. Tragically, he later committed a horrifying act, murdering both his wife and their child in Mt Hampden.