Robbery Love Affair Gone Wrong: Two Mutare Women Face Money Laundering Charges for Assisting Partners[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Robbery Love Affair Gone Wrong: Two Mutare Women Face Money Laundering Charges for Assisting Partners

Two Mutare women, Maud Mutambara (24) and Joyline Musamba (33), are facing charges of money laundering. They allegedly assisted their partners in laundering money obtained from a robbery. Today, Mutambara and Musamba were set to attend a bail hearing as part of the ongoing legal proceedings against them.

Active Involvement in Criminal Activity

Mutambara’s boyfriend, George Mupudzi, provided her with US$26,000 to buy a house, while Musamba’s husband, Roy Pedzisai Jambaya, gave her US$28,000 for the same purpose. Both women were aware that the money they used came from criminal activity.

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Yesterday, before Harare regional magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa, Mutambara and Musamba appeared separately and were not asked to enter a plea.

Details of the Robbery

The court revealed that Mutambara’s boyfriend, Mupudzi, who is currently evading arrest, along with his accomplices, executed a robbery at the corner of Leopold Takawira Street and Bute Street in Harare.

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They managed to escape with a substantial amount of cash totaling US$128,932. Mupudzi and Mutambara allegedly devised a plan to legitimize their unlawfully obtained wealth by purchasing houses.

House Purchases and Legal Proceedings

Subsequently, Mutambara used the stolen funds to buy a house at Raheem Farm in Mutare, while Musamba utilized her husband’s ill-gotten proceeds to purchase a house in Natview Park, Mutare.

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As the nation grapples with a surge in robbery incidents, the struggling economy is a significant factor driving people towards criminal activities. A recent report by H-Metro highlighted a parallel case involving a Harare businesswoman losing goods worth USD 6K.