Ndini Ndaka Murombesa| Prophet Passion Java’s Dark Secrets Exposed – Sangoma Sekuru Mlauzi Spills The Beans

In a viral video, self-proclaimed Sangoma Sekuru Mlauzi exposed Prophet Passion Java for allegedly mocking him and seeking powers from other sangomas in Nigeria. Mlauzi insisted that Java had forgotten him after making it big and that he had found more powerful sangomas in Nigeria.  According to Sekuru Mlauzi, he is actually the one who gave Passion Java the wealth-making juju which enabled him to launch his ministry, a process known as kuromba in the vernacular.

The Allegations

According to Sekuru Mlauzi, Prophet Passion Java has been walking around, mocking him and his powers. In the video, Mlauzi insists that Java has forgotten about him now that he has gained fame and success. Mlauzi also claims that their previous WhatsApp chats reveal that it was Java who instigated the conversation, further exposing his alleged deceitful behaviour.

The WhatsApp Chats between Passion and Sekuru Mlauzi

In the WhatsApp chats exposed by Mlauzi, Java posted a message saying, “Sekuru vangu. Makadii haaa ndafara kuti mave pamhepo zvinhu zvavenyore ikezvino. kule mari yangu yave kupera sekuru ndoda kuti mumbondiwedzerawo ne5million.” Mlauzi replied, asking who it was, to which Java responded,

“VaMlauzi makanganwa muzukuru wenyu WeAmerica here. NdiPanganai Java haaa makandibatsira karesa.” These messages seem to confirm Mlauzi’s claims about Java was mocking him and seeking his assistance.

Java’s Apology

After being confronted by Mlauzi, Java recognized him and apologized. Java stated that he had seen the warning and was just a lost sheep. He begged Mlauzi not to expose him on social media, citing the growth of his church and the number of congregates he now has. However, Mlauzi was not satisfied with the apology and continued to threaten Java, which led to a heated exchange between the two.

[Image: Instagram/ Passion Java]

The Threats and Fed-Up Response

In subsequent chats, Sekuru Mlauzi warned Java again and threatened to expose him once more due to his anger. Java, seemingly fed up with the threats, responded by telling Mlauzi to do whatever he wished to do with him. This exchange shows the escalating tension between the two spiritual figures.

The Impact and Controversy

The video exposing Prophet Passion Java has caused significant controversy within the spiritual community. Many people are questioning the authenticity of Java’s powers and his behaviour towards other spiritual practitioners. Some are siding with Sekuru Mlauzi, believing that he has been wronged by Java, while others are skeptical of the motives behind the video and its timing.

You Can Watch The Video Of Sekuru Mlaudzi Exposing Prophet Passion Java Below


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