Budiriro Juju Drama: Kuwadzana Woman Strips and Climbs on Top of HouseImage Credit Maria Chimuranzi Facebook

Budiriro Juju Drama: Kuwadzana Woman Strips and Climbs on Top of House

In a shocking incident that occurred on Sunday evening, a 42-year-old Kuwadzana woman stripped and climbed on top of a house in Budiriro. The incident, which attracted a crowd, has raised suspicions of juju, with some claiming that the woman may be under the influence of an evil spirit.

The Incident

Maria Chimuranzi, a mother of four, traveled from Kuwadzana to Budiriro where she engaged in the peculiar behavior. Eyewitnesses reported that she attracted a crowd, with some accusing her of being a witch according to H-metro. Several men attempted to remove her from the roof, but she resisted and threatened to harm herself. Eventually, the police arrived and intervened, taking Maria to Budiriro Police Station before returning her to Kuwadzana.

Explanation from Kuwadzana Woman’s Relative

Maria’s cousin sister, Nomatter Chimuranzi, suggested that an evil spirit could be haunting her. According to Nomatter, Maria had been living with her husband in South Africa and had recently returned to Zimbabwe. On the day of the incident, Maria visited a church in Machipisa while her mother remained in Stoneridge. Concern grew when Maria failed to return home, and her family had plans to report her disappearance to the police. Nomatter also mentioned that Maria had been attending a cult church in South Africa, and they were eager to learn more about her experiences there.

Suspicions and Reactions

Residents of Budiriro suspected that the owner of the house where Maria climbed was somehow involved in the incident. Outraged, they stoned the house and the owner’s vehicle, demanding answers as to why Maria targeted his property. Thomas Mupfawa, the house owner, expressed shock and surprise at the incident, stating that he was attending a funeral when he received the news. He claimed to have no connection or prior knowledge of Maria, leaving the motive behind her actions a mystery.


The incident involving Maria Chimuranzi’s stripping and climbing on top of a house in Budiriro has left the community bewildered. The search for answers continues as authorities investigate the matter.