NASCAR Driver Noah Gragson Apologizes for "Actions" on Social Media Amid Indefinite Suspension[Image Credit: Twitter]

NASCAR Driver Noah Gragson Apologizes for “Actions” on Social Media Amid Indefinite Suspension

Noah Gragson, a driver for Legacy Motor Club, has publicly apologized after being suspended indefinitely by NASCAR. Gragson’s suspension comes following his “actions” on social media, according to both NASCAR and Legacy Motor Club.

Controversial Social Media Post

A screenshot that has been circulating on social media allegedly shows Gragson’s Twitter account liking a meme mocking George Floyd. Floyd is a the Black man who tragically lost his life at the hands of a White police officer in Minneapolis in 2020. While NASCAR and Legacy Motor Club have not provided specific details regarding the suspension, CNN has not independently verified the authenticity of the post.

Gragson’s Apology

Taking to Twitter, Gragson expressed his disappointment in himself for not paying enough attention to his actions on social media. He acknowledged the seriousness of the situation. Gragson expressed love and appreciation for everyone, emphasizing his commitment to treating all individuals equally. He admitted his mistake, stating plainly and simply that he messed up.

Legacy Motor Club’s Response

Legacy Motor Club responded to the controversy by suspending Gragson indefinitely, asserting that his actions do not align with the team’s values. As a result, driver Josh Berry will replace Gragson for the upcoming Cup Series race at Michigan.

NASCAR’s Support for the Suspension

NASCAR showed full support for Gragson’s suspension, citing a violation of the Member Conduct section of the 2023 NASCAR Rule Book. The organization emphasized its commitment to upholding standards of conduct and behavior.

Looking Ahead

As a 25-year-old driver in his first year in the Cup Series, Gragson currently holds the 33rd position in points. However, his season has been marked by the absence of top-10 finishes.


Noah Gragson finds himself facing the consequences of his controversial social media activity, with an indefinite suspension from NASCAR and an opportunity for reflection on his actions. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible behavior in the age of social media, particularly for public figures and athletes.