Mother From Hell: 6-Year-Old Boy Burned on Hot Stove as DisciplineYeukai Kawara [Image Credit: H-Metro]

Mother Accused of Burning Child’s Hands on Hot Stove: Outrage Erupts in Chinhoyi

In a shocking incident, a mother in Chinhoyi has been accused of punishing her six-year-old son by forcing him to place his hands on a hot stove after he allegedly stole a cell phone last Friday. The child suffered serious burns and was rushed to Chinhoyi General Hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment.

Lifestyle tabloid H-Metro reports that the incident has caused outrage among the community, with many calling for the mother, Yeukai Kawara, to be arrested and brought to justice. Kawara has been accused of committing a “diabolical act” and of being more evil than her child, who allegedly stole the cellphone.

Neighbours Speak Out Against the Alleged Abuse

Neighbors who witnessed the aftermath of the incident have spoken out against Kawara, calling for her to be held accountable for her actions. “We all make mistakes, but her actions do not tally with the ardent worshipper that she portrays herself to be. Wakanga waendepi mwoyo wekubereka zvekubatidza stove wotora mawoko emwana achipisa?” said one neighbour.

Calls for Action

In addition to calls for Kawara’s arrest, neighbours are also demanding that her employers take action against her. The incident has raised questions about the kind of discipline that is acceptable for children and has highlighted the importance of addressing child abuse in the community.

Mother Blames the Child

Despite confirming the incident, Kawara has denied burning her son’s hands and has instead blamed the child for the injury. “Handisirini ndakamupisa, ndiye akaisa ega mawoko pa stove inopisa,” said Kawara. However, the child’s injuries are consistent with the kind of burns that would be caused by placing his hands on a hot stove.