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Teenage Prayer Warrior Attacked

A 16-year-old girl, known for her prayer warrior skills, was ambushed and abused by a man posing as a policeman on a hill in Domboramwari, Epworth. The incident occurred on a Friday while she was praying alone, and the perpetrator took advantage of her vulnerability.

According to reports, the man approached the girl and introduced himself as a police officer. He informed her that people were not allowed to pray on that hill and that she was under arrest. The man then proceeded to lead her to a secluded spot, where he raped her twice without protection and stole her cellphone before disappearing.

The Trauma of Abuse

The abuse that the teenage girl experienced was traumatic and will have long-lasting effects on her life. The fact that it happened while she was praying, an activity that is supposed to be peaceful and safe, makes it even more shocking.

The abuse without protection also increases the risk of diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the incident and stated that the victim was referred to Edith Clinic for a medical examination. The police are currently searching for the suspect, who is still at large.

The Impact on the Victim’s Family and Community

The victim’s family is devastated by the incident and is calling for justice. They expressed their shock and disbelief that such a heinous act could happen in their community. One of the family members said,

“We are all in shock. How could this happen to our daughter, who was just trying to pray? We want justice for her and for all the other victims of sexual abuse.”

The community is also disturbed and outraged by the attack on a teenage girl who was only trying to pray. Many have expressed their support for the victim and her family and have called for action to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

 The Need for Improved Security

The incident highlights the need for improved security measures in areas such as the hill in Domboramwari where the attack took place. The fact that the perpetrator was able to masquerade as a policeman raises concerns about the training and accountability of law enforcement officials. Community leaders and activists are calling for increased awareness about sexual abuse and harassment and better protection for women and girls in vulnerable situations.