Model Nabbed For Coccaine To Spend A Month In Prison  Tumelo Nare The Model Nabbed For Coccaine And Is To Spend A Month In Prison [image: H-metro]

Model Nabbed For Cocaine To Spend A Month In Prison

Popular model Tumelo Nare has been denied bail by a Harare court and is to remain in custody for the next month, along with her co-accused, Precious Bango. The ruling was delivered by Magistrate Dennis Mangosi, who cited the severity of the offense they were charged with.

The two women allegedly engaged in bizarre behavior, which included undressing and wandering the corridors of a local hotel. Police were alerted by concerned attendees of a conference taking place at the hotel, who found the incident alarming. The authorities subsequently arrested the pair, and recovered cocaine from their hotel room. A third accomplice, Jason Leeroy Pamhidzai, is still at large, H-metro reports.

Model Nabbed For Cocaine To Spend A Month In Prison  
Tumelo Nare The Model Nabbed For Cocaine And Is To Spend A Month In Prison [image: H-metro]

Despite the defence’s attempt to attribute the behaviour to a induced trance, Magistrate Mangosi was unmoved, deeming the explanation to be an insufficient legal defence.

“Their defence counsel disputed this allegation, saying she fell into a trance, but the defence given by the accused persons is not plausible at this stage. They must give a plausible defence that can stand during trial. They are not proper candidates for bail,” he declared.

The accused women had claimed that Pamhidzai was the one using the drug, and that Nare, who reportedly suffers from epilepsy, experienced a seizure. Bango, in a panic, ran through the corridors seeking help, as Nare suffered a nosebleed.

The case has generated much interest among the public, and the two women will be required to appear before the court on March 23 for routine remand.


By Mandisa