Mliswa Trying His Luck On Bona Mugabe?Mliswa Trying His Luck On Bona Mugabe? [image; Newsday / Mbare Times]

Mliswa Trying His Luck On Bona Mugabe?

Social media users are suspecting that Temba Mliswa may be trying his shot at Bona Mugabe, who is recently divorced

Bona, the daughter of the former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, has taken the media by storm with her recent announcement of seeking a divorce from her husband, Simba Chikore. The news of this decision has elicited mixed reactions from Zimbabweans with some lauding Bona’s bravery and others criticizing her.

Temba Mliswa, a distinguished politician known for his outspoken nature, is among the people who have come forward to commend Bona for taking this difficult yet brave step. Having gone through a similar situation himself, Mliswa understands the weight of this decision and has heaped praise on Bona for being courageous enough to make such a choice. He went on to assert that Simba Chikore was not an ideal partner for Bona and commended her for filing for divorce.

Mliswa Trying His Luck On Bona Mugabe?
Mliswa Trying His Luck On Bona Mugabe? [image; Newsday / Mbare Times]
Mliswa, a renowned lawmaker from Norton, was quick to point out that the two were as different as chalk and cheese, insinuating that their union would have eventually crumbled. He further stated that Simba Chikore used the Mugabe name to engage in questionable business deals and that he deserved none of Bona’s attention. He finished off his message by wishing Bona well, declaring his respect for her and urging her to stay strong.

The separation of Bona from Simba Chikore is actually good news for her. That guy wasn’t good for her and didn’t deserve her. She is a model for the girl child, calm, unassuming and handles herself well. She deserves a life in peace. The guy was out for dodgy business deals, associating with the First Family only and name-dropping for personal aggrandisement. You can’t hold on to such. You will be well Mangwenya. I liked you from the day I met you at a meeting with President Mugabe in Zvimba. You came across as a level-headed person. I will forever respect you and pray for you. Your life can still go on. Be strong.

Some Zimbabweans praised Mliswa for his sentiments, while others hinted at ulterior motives behind his words as he has publicly stated he is into single mothers.


Hahahaha why do I sense like chakukandwa chiraaaaa…I mean you declared your type kuvana venhu…zvima M1, M2 and M3. Anyway, none of my business. lol.


Pple naturally loved Bona,, she is humble and is a role model to most girls including myself.. She never deserved this man but heyy such is life you don’t always get what you deserve..vaMulis lis, kandai henyu chirauro indirectly but we see u😳😳bona,, just be careful of this one

By Mandisa