[Image: Minister Mahendere/Facebook]

Minister Mahendere Takes Fundraising to New Level for Epic 40th Birthday – Launches Global Fundraising Campaign


Gospel sensation Minister Michael Mahendere has officially kicked off a worldwide fundraising campaign in honour of his 40th birthday celebration. The fundraiser, which is themed “Building a Heritage of Excellence,” is a collaboration between Mahendere and Urban Create.

With the goal of bringing more artists to the forefront of gospel music and culture, the campaign is geared toward establishing a world-class recording studio, gospel radio station, and direct worship live equipment.

According to Stephene Chikozho, the Managing Director of Urban Create, these projects will encourage more people to join the gospel music and culture industry.

Explaining the global fundraising campaign for Minister Mahendere, Chikozho said,


“The fundraising campaign is in honour of building a recording studio which is meant to inspire regional and international artists as well as provide public relations of music targeting well-wishers and friends of the Minister in South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

“One of the projects, The Direct Worship live equipment, which covers stage equipment, sound system and LED screens, will improve local touring events to world-class status and enable the hiring of this equipment to generate revenue to fund recordings for up-coming artists.

“In addition, the successful implementation of the projects shall increase the appreciation, consumption and enjoyment of Zimbabwean and African music locally and internationally.

“The gospel radio station is to be at Michael House as well, and shall provide the opportunity for the publicity and marketing of music and the arts locally and internationally.


Minister Mahendere Takes Fundraising to New Level for Epic 40th Birthday - Launches Global Fundraising Campaign
[Image: Minister Mahendere/Facebook]


Urban Create and Minister Mahendere are inviting fans, friends and corporates to contribute to a fundraising dinner scheduled for May 27 at the Golden Conifer, Harare.

In a post on Wednesday, Minister Mahendere celebrated his birthday by saying,


By the Special Grace of GOD, today the 1st of March marks the beginning of our countdown towards my 40th birthday celebrations. Ladies and Gentlemen the countdown for the Minister Michael Mahendere@40 celebrations begins today!
I will be telling a story of how God has been so gracious to me, where He brought me from and where He has made me to stand. YourSoundAfrica in partnership with Urbane Create Agency
Keep on following for more details on MMM@40