Al Jazeera Under Fire As Corruption Documentary Is Held[Image; Hopewell Chin'ono Facebook]

Al Jazeera Under Fire As Corruption Documentary Is Held

The highly anticipated screening of a documentary that exposes corruption in Zimbabwe has been suspended, and Zimbabweans are having none of it.

Celebrity Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono announced the development on his social media handles, sparking furore among netizens.

“Al Jazeera has just issued a statement to journalists saying that this film has been put on hold. “The report we were planning to release will no longer be released this morning.” “Bear with us while a new release time is arranged,” the email said.”

Commenting on the development, social media users lashed at the broadcaster, with some coming up with theories that envelops were probably moved around to water down the documentary findings.
Ba Ethan
If they wanted to release they would have released it without making statements about it, what’s the delay about, are they filtering something or they have received what they wanted or nee information has emerged
Well, all this means they are going to edit out the most critical parts. By the time we watch it, it will be people that don’t actually matter. Next time they should just release quietly at once.
Patrick Zuva
Even if they end up releasing the doccie in its original form, the perception that the extent of the corruption exposed has been watered down will be hard to erase. Really poor from @AlJazeera
However, in the ZANU PF camp, it is all joy with the party’s Director for Information and Publicity, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, bragging about how they managed to handle the situation.
“The noisy that never was! We are too powerful & intact as a system to be bothered by tricks of cash-seeking nonentities who are desperate to make money out of nothing. @AlJazeera risks reducing itself into a zimeye by being trapped to pay huge money to earn rights over nonsense.”

By Mandisa