Mbare Man Behind Bars After Raping Own Sister!Image Credit H-Metro

Scandal In Mbare: Man Violates Trust, Rapes Own Married Sister!

A 35-year-old Mbare man has been remanded in custody after raping his 33-year-old married sister in Mbare. The man lived with his younger sister, her husband, and their two children in Mbare National.

The Rape Incident

The sister’s husband left home on Africa Day to have a drink with a friend, leaving her with their children. The sister didn’t lock the bedroom door since her husband wasn’t home. At around 10 pm, she woke up to find her brother on top of her, forcing himself on her while covering her eyes with his elbow.

Report to Police

When the sister’s husband returned home, she reported the rape to him, and they went to the police station to report the matter. According to report from H-Metro, the woman was then taken to the Family Support Clinic for medical examination.

Remand in Custody

The accused has been remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Police Statement

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the incident and said that the accused had been arrested and was in custody. He added that the police are investigating the matter and urged the public to report any cases of sexual violence.


The Mbare rape incident is a tragic reminder of the prevalence of sexual violence in Zimbabwe. It’s a call to action for all stakeholders to work towards ending sexual violence and creating a safe environment for victims to seek justice. It’s crucial to provide support and counseling services to victims to help them cope with the trauma of the incident. Let’s all work together to end sexual violence in our communities and make Zimbabwe a safer place for everyone.