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Matthew The Robber From Epworth Creates Chaos With His Face-Mask

Matthew Mukwesha(39), a self-proclaimed robber from Epworth, discloses his sinister tactic of using his own face as a mask during his criminal activities.

Behind Bars

Serving a 12-Year Sentence currently incarcerated at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, Matthew faces the consequences of his actions. Matthew’s father passed away early, and his mother remarried. After his mother’s death in 2007, he was forced out by his stepfather’s relatives in Shamva. Matthew found himself as a street kid at Mbare Musika in Harare, where he encountered a group of friends who led him down a treacherous path.

Matthew Unmasks the Robbery Technique

The gang led by Matthew had a precise plan for their crimes. They would climb over the durawall, while Matthew skillfully entered through small toilet windows, unlocking the doors for his partners to join him. Armed with a terrifying weapon named “Mbuya Nehanda,” Matthew struck fear into the hearts of unsuspecting victims, compelling them to surrender their money. To intensify the terror, he contorted his face into a horrifying mask, ensuring compliance and successfully securing their ill-gotten gains.

Matthew’s Tale of Business and Betrayal

Matthew, using his stolen money, started a vending business at Coca Cola, where he encountered his first wife. Unfortunately, their marriage ended tragically when he discovered her in bed with her uncle. After the divorce, Matthew established a canteen in Mbare Musika selling tea, sadza, and rice. However, this seemingly innocent venture served as a cover for his illicit activities.

Betrayed by a Phone

A robbery in Hillside turned sour when one of Matthew’s accomplices gifted a stolen phone to his girlfriend. Authorities traced the phone and apprehended the duo. Weeks later, CID officers finally caught up with Matthew at his canteen in a dramatic showdown.

Matthew Blames Juju for Criminal Involvement

In a shocking courtroom revelation, Matthew Mukwesha concocts a twisted tale, blaming the power of dark magic, known as juju, for coercing his friends into a life of crime. He takes full responsibility for their illicit actions, hoping to absolve them of guilt.

Comrades Abandoned Matthew

Despite his self-sacrificing act, Matthew’s friends, who were eventually released, mercilessly severed all ties with him. Left to face the consequences of his deeds alone, Matthew has languished behind bars since 2016, abandoned and forgotten by those he once called allies.

Matthew’s Desperate Appeal

In an interview with Tete Tilda, Matthew begged for assistance upon his release, yearning for a birth certificate and national identity (ID) and expressing remorse for the pain he caused to the victims’ families.