Shadaya and Mai AlphaImage Credit iHarare

Love Guru Shadaya’s Advice Backfires As Mai Alpha’s Viral Twerking Video Shocks Fans!

Shadaya’s girlfriend, known as Mai Alpha, posted a video of herself twerking on TikTok with her friends. The video caused a stir online, with many people firing shots at Shadaya, who claims to be an alpha man.

Shadaya’s Relationship Advice

Shadaya is notorious for his relationship advise, where he dishes out tips on how to handle and pick the right kind of women. He is known for bashing single mothers, warning men to steer clear of them as they are not trustworthy. Shadaya also discourages his followers from marrying feminists and women with a high body count. According to him, the ideal woman to marry should have no more than two past relationships. Some see his advice as controversial, while others believe it’s crucial in today’s dating scene.

Shadaya’s Hypocrisy Exposed

On the 28th of April, Shadaya posted a thread advising his followers not to date women who post videos of themselves online dancing. He claimed that such women are attention seekers and are volatile, chaotic, and dramatic. However, his followers were left in shock after Mai Alpha’s twerking video surfaced, exposing Shadaya’s hypocrisy.

Reactions from Fans To Mai Alpha’s Video

Fans and journalists took to Twitter to mock Shadaya, Daddy Hope a popular journalist real name Hopewell Chin’ono tweeted asking Shadaya if he was in trouble. Many people accused Shadaya of not practicing what he preaches.

Mai Alpha’s twerking video has caused a stir online, exposing Shadaya’shypocrisy and causing his followers to question his advice on relationships. The incident shows how important it is to practice what we preach and not to judge others based on their actions without considering our own.