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Married Woman Refusing To Be Dumped By Lover Barred From Contacting Him

In a harrowing tale of love gone awry, Lovemore Diki of Filabusi in Matabeleland South province has recently revealed his struggles with his ex-lover, Thando Nyathi, whom he had to red-card after discovering that she was married. Despite the break-up, Thando has refused to let go of her feelings for Diki and continues to phone him and unleash insulting messages towards him. She has even gone so far as to confront him at his workplace, shouting obscenities at him in public.

As a result of the torment, Diki has grown increasingly uncomfortable in public spaces, fearing confrontations with his ex-lover. In order to seek peace and protection from the continuous abuse, Diki took the matter to Filabusi Magistrates’ Court and applied for a peace order.

Married Woman Refusing To Be Dumped By Lover Barred From Contacting Him
Married Woman Refusing To Be Dumped By Lover Barred From Contacting Him

In his affidavit, B-metro reports, Diki explained his situation, stating that he had been in love with Thando for a long time and that he had ended the relationship once he learned of her marital status. He further explained that despite his attempts to break things off amicably, Thando began to harass him by sending him abusive texts and confronting him at work.

“I was in love with Thando Nyathi for a long time. When I discovered that she was married I held a meeting with her and told her that we have to stop the affair.

“At first she seemed to understand but later on she started to harass me and would confront me at my workplace where she would insult me in the presence of my workmates and bosses. She also calls me using a private number and insults me.

“Whenever she meets me in public places she shouts at me. I have suffered enough abuse at the hands of Thando. I pray that this honourable court would grant me a peace order.”

Thankfully, Magistrate Abednico Diliza Ndebele was able to provide relief to Diki and granted him a protection order. Thando was ordered not to communicate with Diki or to visit his workplace, offering some reprieve from the incessant torment.

By Mandisa