Marange Funeral Filled with Bewilderment as Woman's Hyena-Like Laughter Stuns Villagers[Image Credit: iStock]

Marange Funeral Filled with Bewilderment as Woman’s Hyena-Like Laughter Stuns Villagers

During a recent funeral in Marange, villagers were left dumbfounded with bewilderment as a woman’s hyena-like laughter and uncanny imitation of hyena behavior perplexed mourners. Rebecca Kwembeya (55), claimed to be possessed by a spirit and accused her aunt of feasting on the deceased’s body.

Witchcraft Allegations and Court Proceedings

Allegedly assuming a hyena-like posture, Kwembeya accused her aunt, Susan Dzvatu, of killing Caleb Dzvatu. Outraged by the witchcraft accusations, Dzvatu reported the matter to Chief Marange’s court.

In court, Dzvatu, who is also the wife of Village Head Kwembeya, lamented the impact of Kwembeya’s false allegations on her life. She spoke of being shunned and labeled a witch by fellow villagers, damaging her reputation as a traditional leader.

“I am now a subject for gossip and slander by fellow villagers. Kwembeya made the false allegations against me and disrespected me as the Village Head’s wife. She damaged our reputation as traditional leaders. People are now shunning us due to her baseless utterances. She also said I will be killing Tennison in the next few months,” said Dzvatu.

To support her claim of slander, Dzvatu confiscated Kwembeya’s hat, following the customs of the Marange people. Such an act serves as evidence in witchcraft accusations and aims to deter false claims while protecting the innocent.

Chief Marange’s Verdict

Despite several summons, Kwembeya failed to appear in court, prompting Chief Marange to send his messengers to ensure her compliance. If found guilty of defaming her aunt, Kwembeya may be required to compensate her with two cattle. However, if Dzvatu is proven to be a witch who feasted on Caleb’s body, she will face severe consequences.

Pending Resolutions

The court adjourned the case until August 27, allowing time to summon Rebecca Kwembeya for further proceedings, reported Manicapost.