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Ricky Fire’s Controversial Move: Insider Details on Why He Betrayed CCC and Embraced Zanu PF

Zimdancehall artist Ricky Fire has revealed insider details on why he betrayed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) for Zanu PF, after attending a party organized by the president’s sons. Ricky Fire caused commotion amongst CCC supporters after the images were leaked.

Ricky Fire: Unapologetic and Unfazed

In response to the criticism directed at him, Ricky Fire has taken a defiant stance. He firmly stated that people should refrain from questioning his choices unless they are the ones providing for his livelihood. According to Ricky Fire, as long as his bills are being paid and his family is cared for, he sees no reason to be concerned about others’ opinions.

Accusations of Satanic Ties

Addressing those who labeled his decision to join Zanu PF as satanic, Ricky Fire boldly declared that it is those individuals who are being led astray by Satan. He firmly believes that those who harbor ill will towards him without any valid reason are the true followers of evil. Ricky Fire emphatically defends his right to freedom of choice and urges others to respect his decisions.

Family Comes First

Highlighting his priorities, Ricky Fire emphasized that he is a family man who will take whatever measures necessary to ensure his loved ones’ well-being. Providing food on the table, paying rent, and securing his children’s education are paramount to him. He made it clear that he would never sacrifice his family’s welfare for anything or anyone else, including his fans.

Acceptance of Consequences

Unfazed by the potential loss of fans due to his Zanu PF affiliation, Ricky Fire expressed his willingness to accept the consequences of his choices. He remains resolute in his determination to prioritize his family’s needs above all else, even if it means a decline in popularity.

Recalling the CCC Affiliation

It is worth noting that Ricky Fire gained considerable attention last year when he publicly declared his affiliation with the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). He actively participated in CCC rallies, using his music to entertain and engage CCC members.